Poison kills more innocent people than standing armies, bullets or bombs. Any decline in the life expectancy rate is confirmation of the veiled mass murder of millions of people. A one percentage drop in life expectancy equals the murder of many millions. Less than a 100 years ago the Bolsheviks killed more than 40 million Russians, and starved more than 6 million Ukrainians to death. Also less than a 100 years ago the communist Chinese mass murdered over 60 millions Chinese in what is known as the great leap forward.

In both cases these innocent people could only be murdered by being disarmed, or not having adequate weapons to defend their lives. Who could deny the savage conduct of these communist or the clean up operations needed to bury over a 100 million died human beings. These sub-human individuals try to conceal the monstrous conduct, they try to conceal the fact that billions of innocent humans being must be mass murdered to create a communist world order.

In these modern times a new satanic scheme was needed to murder armed populations, and bury millions of people in a ordinary way, not alerting the public to the “slow kill operations” taking place though mass poisonings. The Globalist/communist are now using slow kill poisoning to weaken, rob, and kill targeted populations while setting the stage for the violent overthrow of any freedom loving nation.

Nolte: They Told Us Lockdowns Were About Flattening the Curve. They Lied

In order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus, the politicians told us we must lockdown and be quarantined while our economy collapsed. They told us we had to flatten the curve to ensure our health care system was not overwhelmed by the sick and dying. They told us that if the health care system was overwhelmed, people would die who could otherwise be saved. They told us losing people who can be saved is intolerable, and America agreed… And so, for the first time in recorded history, healthy Americans dutifully fulfilled our end of the bargain and went into quarantine by dutifully agreeing to go into lockdown while our economy collapsed. And now we know we were suckers… MORE…

China’s Secret Pandemic Plan: Murder 200 Million Americans by Biowarfare

What you should understand is that none of this is in the least surprising to anyone familiar with Communist strategies and tactics. Communism is the greatest evil ever unleashed on mankind. We have been anesthetized to that fact by endless propaganda, lies and sheer ignorance promulgated in Western media, Hollywood, our educational institutions and culture. This has been aided and abetted by the human mind’s unwillingness to believe that anyone (except maybe Hitler), could be so systematically evil, helped with a large dose of political and economic self-interest enjoyed by those who have chosen to interact and trade with the Chinese. MORE…

NYC Nurse Whistleblower: Patients Are Not Dying From Coronavirus, They Are Being “Murdered” By “Gross Negligence And Complete Medical Mismanagement.”

An alleged nurse, now turned whistleblower, claims that many of her patients aren’t dying from COVID-19, and further, that their patient care is being “mismanaged.” Acting now as a whistleblower, her video is being shared across the web. She rails against patient care at her hospital and asserts that many of the COVID-19 deaths are not truly a result of COVID-19.
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Coronavirus and the Horrors of Democrat Control

Stopping for gas, the gas-pump TV monitor showed the propaganda commercial we see plastered all over TV. “Stay home. Stay Alive.” With fake news media promoting their lie 24/7 that going outside means death, it is not surprising that many Americans remain willing to surrender their constitutional freedoms to Democrat/RINO, anti-Trump, and anti-American scammers. Ninety-eight percent of people who catch the virus recover. Fake news media gleefully reports deaths while ignoring the high recovery numbers. MORE…

Dr. Annie Bukacek: COVID-19 Death Certificates Are Being Manipulated

Dr. Bukacek is a longtime Montana physician with over 30 years’ experience practicing medicine. Signing death certificates is a routine part of her job. In this brief video, Dr. Bukacek blows the whistle on the way the CDC is instructing physicians to exaggerate COVID 19 deaths on death certificates.

Institutionalized Elderly are Facing a Massacre, not an Epidemic

These state and federal lockdowns are resulting in an unprecedented jump in unemployment and a precipitous decline in economic activity that together are threatening to plunge the country into a deep economic depression.
The other epidemic, meanwhile, is causing what amounts to a massacre of the nation’s institutionalized elderly in nursing homes. While not a cause of economic collapse, this sad and brutal second epidemic is proving heart-rending as quarantines imposed by states and by overwhelmed nursing homes themselves prevent younger relatives from even visiting or comforting the parents and grandparents they are losing. MORE…




Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, graduated from Washington University with a double major in Biology and Theology, before attending medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery.

Second wave of coronavirus lockdowns return to China, shattering narrative that Beijing “has it all under control”


By now, regular readers know from our reporting that the Communist Chinese government has been anything but transparent in providing factual details about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), how it spreads, how it infects, and — importantly — how lethal and widespread the virus has been.

As early as March 1, Natural News reported that China’s response to the virus was merely the latest in a string of cover-ups and suppression. MORE…

Can We Use ‘Social Distancing’ To Defeat The Chinese Communist Party?


If there’s one positive outcome from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus pandemic it may be that the United States finally summons the political will to begin serious disengagement from Chinese communism.

Led by the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the United States made a major blunder in the early 1970s by opening political and economic relations with the communist People’s Republic of China (PRC). MORE…

A Frankenstein Monster Devouring The World


In another Trump-bashing piece in the Washington Post, a professor noted, in passing, that “several Chinese labs participated more than 20 years ago in the human genome project,” as if this were a good thing. In fact, the Human Genome Project (HGP) opened the door to a Communist Frankenstein project of human genetic modification and manipulation.

If there is anything to be learned from this disaster, it is that America must become self-sufficient in terms of medicine and medical production capabilities and avoid entanglements with China. President Trump was moving in the direction of America-first policies before the Chinese unleashed their virus on the world. MORE…

Have They No Shame? American Communists Exploit CCP Virus To Propagandize For Their Chinese Masters


Firstly, deflect blame for the pandemic away from the CCP. Promote the lie that the CCP is leading the world in virus containment, even though the disease gained an international foothold precisely because the Chinese regime covered up and lied about the seriousness of the outbreak—and is probably still doing so.

Secondly, hew to the “line” that socialist health care systems and planned economies are far superior at containing epidemics than is heartless “capitalism.” The rich are profiting off the poor and the middle class and only socialism can bring justice. MORE…

No one wants this to come out about Coronavirus. Spread this, it keeps getting censored.


In 2010 scientists in Wuhan published a study stating they successfully combined HIV with SARS. This was building on a 2007 study where they tried combining a SARS-like bat coronavirus with HIV that was not previously infectious to humans.

While they were researching the SARS-like bat Coronavirus, they were unhappy with the low rate at which it infected human cells. So they genetically altered it to make it infect human cells more effectively — by giving it an HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) outer shell, which enabled the SARS-like coronavirus to attack human cells via Ace2 receptors. MORE…



Occult knowledge, which simply means hidden knowledge, has been used by dark occultists to control the general public, largely by various forms of mind control – as explained in Passio’s What On Earth Is Happening lecture series and radio broadcasts.

He argues that the remedy to this situation is to bring this knowledge out into the open so that it becomes common knowledge, as opposed to hidden knowledge. In this way, it will become impossible to control people using the knowledge that is known only to the few. MORE…

Pelosi and Schumer Block Coronavirus Funds


President Trump has been trying to control the panic brought about by the 24/7 media coverage of the Coronavirus. By calming the waters, he hoped to avoid repercussions in the stock market and damage to the economy. After todays tumble in market prices, it looks like he will need a lot of help.

Well, this is too good an opportunity to ignore, and the Dem leadership and Dem presidential contenders are piling on as hard as they can. Nothing the president does is good enough or quick enough, especially when the goal of the Democrat party is to see the economy go into the toilet before the election. MORE…

Rikers Island prisoners tasked with digging mass graves for coronavirus victims


Some experts believe that the prisoners would be smart to accept the offer and take advantage of the chance to spend time in the fresh air on Hart Island as the conditions within the prison continue to deteriorate. Rikers is overcrowded, and coronavirus infections are rampant there.

Bronx Defenders Executive Director Justine Olderman told The Intercept that CDC coronavirus safety protocols cannot be carried out at the prison. There’s a lack of hand sanitizer, she says, and people don’t have access to soap. Even if they did, many sinks are broken, not to mention the fact that it’s difficult to practice social distancing when there are as many as 100 people sleeping in a room. MORE…

Facing Two Epidemics, Covid-19 and Soaring Joblessness


Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, which has now infected over 55,000 people in all 50 states, and with a shocking shortage of Covid-19 test kits because of poor planning by the government, the best that the US can do is lock down the economy.

State after state has done this, ordering schools, colleges and all but essential businesses to shut down, with everyone in non-essential jobs ordered to hole up in their homes for the indefinite future. Many major US cities today resemble ghost towns, with patrolling police and ambulances providing the only signs of life. MORE…

CORONAVIRUS No Need For Hard Quarantine in Russia, Which Closed Its Border Back in January


Russia announced back on January 31st that it was closing most of its 4,200-kilometer border with China and banning Chinese citizens from entering the country.

This occurred during the same time period when western nations and the WHO insisted that they wouldn’t stop the international flow of people despite the threat of a pandemic. MORE…

Pompeo: Chinese Communist Party Denying World Vital Coronavirus Information


Speaking during an exchange with the Washington Watch radio program, Pompeo repeated previous charges Beijing’s delay in sharing information about the virus had created risks to the global community and this had “truly put thousands of lives at risk.”


Red China More Dangerous than the Soviet Union

The New American’s Christian Gomez interviews Chapman Chen, founder and CEO of Hong Kong Bilingual News, about the Trump Administration and Xi Jinping reaching “Phase One” of a prospective U.S.-China Trade Agreement and how the Chinese Communist Party regime is likely to break its word and the terms of any agreement it reaches with the U.S. MORE…

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Double Overnight In South Korea To 204; China Reveals Alarming Prison Outbreak, 500+ Already Infected

When historians look back at the COVID-19 outbreak, they’ll remember this week as an important turning point in the crisis, when international public-health experts and investors started to focus their attention on South Korea, Japan and other countries in the region that have seen the number of new cases accelerate markedly in recent days.
Put another way, evidence that the virus is spreading more rapidly within other Asian countries outside mainland China has become impossible to ignore, which is probably why US futures are pointing to a lower open for a second straight day. MORE…
You are correct. As we add adjuvants, especially some of the more recent adjuvants, such as the ASO1, saponin-derived adjuvants , we do see increased local reactogenicity… The major health concern which we are seeing are accusations of long term, long term effects.
An admission that the W.H.O. is panicking over the fact that many doctors and nurses are finally starting to question the safety and vaccines and are becoming aware of the coordinated cover-up of vaccine injuries: MORE…
“It is necessary to strengthen market supervision, resolutely ban and severely crack down on illegal wildlife markets and trade and control major public health risks from the source,” said the committee in a statement.
This ban is just one of several policies and initiatives that the ruling Chinese Communist Party are implementing to prevent the coronavirus from spreading any further. Some of these include the total quarantine of the whole province of Hubei and its nearly 60 million inhabitants, and the building of two new hospitals, the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals, which were built in 10 days and 15 days respectively. Official reports state that these hospitals will be able to accommodate over 2,600 patients once they’re both fully operational. MORE…
A Wuhan resident from Bogotá told Colombian newspaper El Tiempo on Thursday that residents of the Chinese metropolis were aware of a flu-like illness spreading “before 2019 ended,” weeks before the Communist Party publicly revealed an outbreak of a newly documented deadly coronavirus.
The Chinese communist regime officially alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) of a mystery virus on December 31 but state media were insisting the virus was “no need to panic” as recently as last week. Authorities announced they had sequenced the virus’s genome and shared it with global health professionals on Monday. MORE…

5G Danger: 13 Reasons 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity

Wireless radiation and EMF scientist Dr. Martin Pall has done groundbreaking research in explaining exactly how EMFs cause premature aging and injury to the human body, including damage to fertility, brains, hearts and even DNA! He pioneered research showing how EMFs activate the body’s VGCCs (Voltage-gated calcium channels) which causes them to release excess calcium ions into the cell.
This then leads to nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide which react nearly instantaneously to form peroxynitrite and free radicals. Many studies like this show peroxynitrite damages DNA. Dr. Pall has stated unequivocally that the “5G rollout is absolutely insane.” MORE…

5G Wireless Technology Is War against Humanity

The first eight months of WWII with no fighting was called The Phoney War. Using millimetre waves as a fifth-generation or 5G wireless communications technology is a phoney war of another kind. This phoney war is also silent, but this time shots are being fired – in the form of laser-like beams of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from banks of thousands of tiny antennas[1] – and almost no one in the firing line knows that they are being silently, seriously and irreparably injured.
Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna are already reporting the classic symptoms of EMR poisoning:[9] nosebleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and cardiac pain. They also report a tight band around the head; pressure on the top of the head; short, stabbing pains around the body; and buzzing internal organs. Other biological effects such as tumours and dementia usually take longer to manifest, but in the case of 5G, which has never been tested for health or safety, who knows?[10] MORE…
If you’re wondering why people who live in 5G rollout areas seem to be going insane, it’s not your imagination. 5G radiation causes “neuropsychiatric” effects through a mechanism described as ion potentiation poisoning of brain cells, according to research published in Environmental Research.
This results in behavioral changes and even personality changes among those who are routinely exposed, researchers found. In other words, 5G is a weapon system that doubles as a telecommunications infrastructure, but the real impact is to damage human brain function and destroy rationality, reason and civility, especially among those who live in high population cities where 5G towers are becoming ubiquitous. That’s why you may have noticed increased insanity and widespread mental derangement in those areas. MORE…
One of the defining crimes of the United States’ proxy role as a global warmonger and plague on humanity is its indiscriminate use of depleted uranium (DU) in combat zones. In weaponry, DU’s advantage is its high density, and it’s 68.4% denser than lead.
Because of its penetrating and explosive characteristics, it has been deployed in military operations. It’s even used to harden U.S. tank armor. DU projectile ordnance is often inherently incendiary because uranium is flammable. MORE…

As Gov’t Pushes Mandatory Vaccination, Contaminated Vaccines Found in 3 States Causing Infections

Last month, measles hysteria came to a head as every single mainstream media outlet across the country ran with stories pumping fear over some non-existent epidemic. Headlines like “For God’s Sake! Vaccinate Your Children!” and “Measles is on the rise.
But telling anti-vaxxers they’re stupid won’t fix it” have run constantly since last month as the media and the government wage a war on those who advocate for vaccine safety and informed consent. There was one headline, however, that was the opposite of these and went entirely under the radar. MORE…

Manufactured Crisis — HPV, Hype and Horror

Many of the more serious side effects of Gardasil vaccination are immune-based inflammatory neurodegenerative disorders, suggesting something is causing the immune system to overreact in a detrimental way, sometimes fatally
One of the leading theories is that the aluminum adjuvant in Gardasil is causing it to be excessively reactive. Data show Gardasil is several times more reactive than any other vaccine on the market MORE…


As of February 6, the county which sits just north of the border from Portland, Oregon has tallied 50 confirmed cases and 11 suspected cases of measles since January 1.
The one thing MSM won’t tell you about the measles outbreaks happening around the country is that those who have been diagnosed brought the disease in from other countries. MORE…

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma

Gates’s words give us an immediate clue that he is engaging in his own brand of magical thinking—which social scientists define as “illogical causal reasoning.” How else to explain his simplistic endorsement of vaccines as a miraculous intervention with unmitigated benefits and no down side?
The Gates Foundation’s global spreadsheet appears to have no room to tally the massive flood of vaccine injuries afflicting children worldwide, despite abundant evidence that this damage is standing the vaccine risk-benefit calculus on its head and turning childhood into an extended round of Russian roulette. MORE…

Cancer-Linked Monsanto Chemical Discovered In Five Major Orange Juice Brands

It’s confusing why non-profits spend so much time and resources on raising money and awareness for cancer research, but completely leave out the links between cancer and harmful pesticides, heavy metals, processed meats, electromagnetic radiation, various cleaning and cosmetic products, as well as several other cancer-causing sources. All we do is try to raise money, and yet in doing so, we pay no attention to the causes.
If you have ever walked, ran, ridden, played a sport, or grown a moustache in support of large corporate-sponsored efforts to cure cancer, you are to be sincerely commended for your time, your effort, and your concern for your fellow human beings. Just know that such efforts have likely not—and will never—contribute to finding a cure for cancer. MORE…
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