Poison kills more innocent people than standing armies, bullets or bombs. Any decline in the life expectancy rate is confirmation of the veiled mass murder of millions of people. A one percentage drop in life expectancy equals the murder of many millions. Less than a 100 years ago the Bolsheviks killed more than 40 million Russians, and starved more than 6 million Ukrainians to death. Also less than a 100 years ago the communist Chinese mass murdered over 60 millions Chinese in what is known as the great leap forward.

In both cases these innocent people could only be murdered by being disarmed, or not having adequate weapons to defend their lives. Who could deny the savage conduct of these communist or the clean up operations needed to bury over a 100 million died human beings. These sub-human individuals try to conceal the monstrous conduct, they try to conceal the fact that billions of innocent humans being must be mass murdered to create a communist world order.

In these modern times a new satanic scheme was needed to murder armed populations, and bury millions of people in a ordinary way, not alerting the public to the “slow kill operations” taking place though mass poisonings. The Globalist/communist are now using slow kill poisoning to weaken, rob, and kill targeted populations while setting the stage for the violent overthrow of any freedom loving nation.

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