Weaponizing science: Study authors resort to scare tactics claiming human civilization will END by 2050 because of climate change

What all this fear mongering really means is that the experts will never be satisfied with the amount of power they have, no matter how much control they are given over the Earth’s atmosphere. They will always want more central economic planning, more global governance, more funds to alter the Earth, and perpetual obedience to their geoengineering programs.
If we do not comply with their cult of thought, then they ramp up the fear that we are all going to die soon. This fear is used to brainwash the next generation. This creates a young generation that demands change they do not understand. This climate change alarmism creates a desperate generation no longer willing to have families because they fear their world is ending. MORE…
The nascent technology of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and Electromagnetic Bombs (E-bombs) will revolutionise many aspects of modern warfare. While immature, this technology will permit new offensive and defensive techniques against a wide range of targets. These non-nuclear weapons provide tactical options which did not exist decades ago, when nuclear High-altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse (HEMP) weapons were the principal capability in this domain.